Matt Piccolella

Matt Piccolella

I am a builder and product leader with more than 7 years of experience growing products and the orgs that deliver them. At Notion, I distribute our product to the world through our B2C and B2B growth engines using templates and community content. At Lyft, I was an early product hire and built their rider, mapping, and marketplace products. Prior to that, I hacked on various side projects and taught others to do so at ADICU. Currently, I invest in and advise early-stage startups to get closer to great ideas and people.

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Current Location: Berkeley, CA


Product Lead (PM #3)
2022 - Present
Andreessen Horowitz
Investment Scout + Angel
2023 - Present
Group Product Manager
2016 - 2022
Dorm Room Fund
Investment Partner
2015 - 2017
Computer Science
2013 - 2017



Next-gen production monitoring
Autolist AI
AI-powered tools for resellers
Integrations Captain
An app store for your company in 10mins
Data frameworks for LLM apps
Roadway AI
AI-driven growth marketing
Pantry AI
Demand and resource planning with AI
Prescription drug access
Better hospice care
Import CSV data 10x faster
Warm lead generation

Areas of focus

  • SaaS: especially productivity software, low/no-code, marketing/sales tech
  • Logistics: mapping, operations software, software for ops teams
  • Marketplaces: 0 → 1, bootstrapping, growth stage, etc.
  • AI + ML: particularly as applied to the areas above

How I can help

Company software setup (i.e. I’ll make your Notion for you 😉)
  • Lead Templates at Notion - interview dozens of startups, small companies, etc. who are building out their early company OS on a variety of SaaS tools
  • Know what works and what doesn’t work for early teams
SaaS go-to-market motions, especially PLG
  • 3rd product hire at Notion — main product counterpart for Growth, Sales, Marketing, etc.
  • Helped build out product for all GTM: product-led growth motions, product-led sales, SEO, performance marketing, lifecycle, etc.
Community growth and content
  • Worked very closely with Notion’s Community, one of the best in the industry
  • Leading community content for Notion
  • Led ADI at Columbia, a 1000 person community that was the best at the university
Product org: recruiting, organization, best practices
  • Helped grow the product orgs at Lyft and Notion
  • Have run EPD orgs of up to 70, recruited 25-30 stellar PMs, deployed OKR planning to 100+ person orgs
Expertise in logistics + mapping
  • 1st PM hire on Mapping at Lyft — deeply familiar with geospatial data, routing + logistics software, matching + dispatch algorithms, etc.

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